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Tired mind

For this past days I realize some few things. 

Things that I learned as time passed by at days move in to night. As month turn in to days. 

The more I’m staying in this real fucking big world the more I feel careful to all things see by my eyes. 

People talk and some of it are shits! Don’t trust words. Words are just some pain reliever. It’s just to make feel good for a while. Listen to each words but never believe. Words will always be words unless there’s an action. Some human talk a lot period. Never listen to promise. Never expect from what they are saying. They’re just making you assuming things that would never happen. If they say something don’t believe until they didn’t do it. Some people say but they didn’t mean. 

Have you ever write down people told about? How promises they’re made. Have you ever counted how many of those things happened? How many promise have broken? 

If you trust someone. Trust the one who ” say what he mean. And mean what he say.” in this world you’re encounter a lot of different of people. And a most of them are liars. Some of them are trying to be best. Bragging around their what they think they are. Some of them are playing safe. In which of which. Never trust some one who broke their promise. Who let words be just words that’s keep repeating on your mind. don’t go for some to enjoy using verbs and just let be an action words. 

Just saying this not to Make feel doubt to people around you. Just saying this because I’m fucking pissed right now. That’s it! Just pissed!

Miss him! Sooooo much.


After a big change occurs in your life, it’s most likely that you’ll feel lost and unsure of what to do. But don’t worry! Check out the link for some tips that will help you out!

8 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Lost


The last day I’m suffering from unwanted feeling.

The other I wanna kill someone! Wanna curse him to death.

Wanna make a vengeance!

The next day wanna see him, wanna hug him tight and smell his lingering perfume that so familiar to me.

Yesterday! I swear to forget about everything we’ve been through. A short time that we’ve been together. The simple talk, the corny jokes and little fight we have.

But today it’s seems that I want to go back from the other day that wanna be with him.



Naniniwala po akong sa kasabihang ‘basta driver sweet lover’ hahaha! Mana mana lang yan

Naniniwala po akong sa kasabihang ‘basta driver sweet lover’ hahaha! Mana mana lang yan